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Ruten Hemostasis: Elevating Bleeding Control Excellence

With unparalleled effectiveness, user-friendly design, and an all-encompassing safety in mind, Ruten Hemostasis sets a new standard in bleeding control. Elevate your expectations. Elevate your safety. Choose Ruten

Advancing Tactical Healthcare: State-of-the-Art Solutions for Critical Injuries

Discover Ruten Medical’s cutting-edge devices crafted for life-threatening scenarios, enhancing battlefield survival. From immersive training to expert-guided emergency care, our solutions, meeting Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) standards, elevate your preparedness with the principles of M.A.R.C.H and P.A.W.S. Trust in precision tools crafted by tactical medical experts for crucial moments on the battlefield.

M - Massive Hemorrhage

Ruten Medical's hemostatic powders, hemostatic dressings, and hemostatic gauzes have been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to ensure rapid and effective hemostasis in emergency situations.

A - Airway

Ruten Medical's airway solutions, ensuring breaths of life with precision and care. From open air to free breaths, trust us to keep your airways clear.

R - Respiration

Ruten Medical, your partner in breathing resilience. Ensuring effective breaths in every circumstance, our respiratory solutions breathe life into critical moments. Trust us for breath support that matters.

C - Circulation

Ruten Medical circulates strength and life. From rapid assessment to maintaining vital flow, our circulatory solutions stand strong in the face of urgency. Trust the pulse of excellence in critical care.

H - Hypothermia

Ruten Medical, warming hearts, preserving lives. Our solutions blanket you in warmth, shielding against the chill of adversity. Trust us to kindle the flame of resilience.

T-Training Simulation

Ruten Medical, where training meets reality. Elevate your skills with our cutting-edge simulation solutions. Prepare for the unexpected; practice with precision. Trust us to simulate the challenges, so you can excel in the field.

We, at Rurescue, are experts in the field of tactical hemostasis, providing professional solutions

Why Rusun - Your Trusted FIRST AID Supplier!

Ru Rescue is a premier OEM/ODM medical equipment supplier and manufacturer in China, specializing in high-quality emergency, combat, and pre-hospital care supplies. Our FDA, CE, and ISO certified products are exported globally, and we proudly collaborate with renowned brands. Open to global partnerships.

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High-Quality Products

The company's production process and facilities fully comply with international quality standards and have obtained the highest EU Class III CE certification.


Provide Solutions

The company's product line covers hemostatic dressings, hemostatic gauze, and other related medical products, providing efficient and effective solutions for bleeding control in various medical procedures.


Strong Innovative R&D Team

The company has an experienced and high-quality R&D team, dedicated to continuously developing new and improved products to drive industry development.


International Partnership & Collaborations


Most frequent questions and answers

Certainly, we are proud to be a manufacturer. Our expansive 50,000 square meters facility is based in Jiangxi, China. We specialize in cutting-edge pre-hospital emergency care and tactical medical solutions, placing a strong emphasis on advanced research and manufacturing capabilities.

Our products are developed and produced in accordance with the principles of TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and meet military standards such as U.S. MIL-STD and China’s GJB. We have stringent quality control measures in place to ensure that each product meets high-quality standards.


RU Rescue 专门从事战术医疗应急响应的培训和供应。


如果您有兴趣成为我们产品的经销商,请通过 info@rurescue.com 与我们联系,并提供您的公司名称、地址、电话号码以及有关您公司的信息。我们将有当地代表与您联系。


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