About Us

Ruten Medical is a global provider of innovative solutions designed for the military, hospitals, law enforcement, first responders, and emergency medicine personnel.

Leading in Emergency Hemostasis and Pre-hospital Emergency: China's Finest

Emergency Hemostasis: Suitable for various types of bleeding situations, including moderate to severe arterial and venous bleeding, capable of addressing diverse emergency hemostasis needs. Hemostatic powder, dressings, and gauze have undergone meticulous design and rigorous testing to ensure rapid and effective hemostasis during pre-hospital rescue phase, providing timely medical support.

Pre-hospital emergency products: Used in the pre-hospital rescue phase, including various first aid dressings and tools, for rapid hemostasis and emergency treatment, providing timely medical support.

First Aid Kits: Essential equipment and supplies required during emergency rescue operations, providing rescue personnel with necessary tools and resources to effectively respond to emergencies.

Medical Simulation Products: Used to simulate real medical scenarios, providing medical personnel with practical training to enhance their skills in handling emergency situations, thus improving rescue efficiency.

Founded in 2011, Ruten Medical Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of emergency hemostasis and pre-hospital emergency care in China.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world with cutting-edge emergency hemostasis products and comprehensive rescue solutions for global emergency response efforts. We strive to save lives, enhance rescue efficiency, and offer reliable support to rescue personnel in critical situations. Our commitment is to contribute positively to safeguarding social security and protecting people’s lives in various emergency rescue scenarios worldwide.

About Us

We are dedicated to researching and providing innovative emergency hemostasis systems and comprehensive rescue solutions, offering high-quality products and services to the military, pre-hospital emergency care, law enforcement, firefighting, search and rescue organizations, as well as medical personnel.

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