Established in 2011, we take pride in our dedicated service across various markets. Specializing in EMS/Pre-Hospital Systems, Military/Law Systems, CBRNe/Nuclear Simulation, Personal Care Systems, and Field Hospital/Mobile Hospital solutions, we have emerged as a trusted partner for organisations in these sectors. 

EMS/Pre-Hospital System

EMS/Pre-Hospital System stands as the leading manufacturer in the field of emergency medical services. We specialise in crafting comprehensive solutions to support emergency response teams, primarily focusing on pre-hospital medical care. Our offerings encompass vital areas such as integrated emergency equipment and professional training, all dedicated to providing our clients with an efficient and integrated solution.

Key Features:

1. Integrated Emergency Equipment: Our system includes advanced emergency equipment, AED tools, and medical consumables, ensuring that emergency responders can deliver timely and precise medical support at the scene.


2. Professional Training Programs: We provide virtual training and hands-on simulations, enabling emergency responders to continuously enhance their skills, and better preparing them to handle various emergency situations.

Military/Law System

At the core of our mission lies the development of mission-critical and purpose-driven products, each meticulously crafted to address the unique challenges of casualty care in the line of fire.

We are committed to supporting military personnel and law enforcement professionals who bravely risk their lives to save others. We take pride in providing innovative solutions that are effective in every critical moment.

Our comprehensive offerings include cutting-edge technologies such as M.A.R.C.H., KITS, TACEVAC, MED/SURG, TRAIN, and the Military/Law System, ensuring that those in the military and law enforcement have the tools they need to succeed.

CBRNe/Nuclear Simulation

CBRN emergency equipment systems refer to a comprehensive defense system and protective measures adopted against chemical, biological, and nuclear radiation hazards. The primary objective is to ensure personnel survival during emergencies involving CBRN or after the release of these substances, guaranteeing that personnel can execute tasks/operations even under CBRN conditions. To achieve this, we provide a complete set of CBRN emergency equipment systems.

  • CBRN Nuclear and Biochemical Emergency Protection Equipment: Includes nuclear radiation protective suits, A-level protective suits, B-level protective suits, etc.
  • CBRN Nuclear and Biochemical Detection Equipment: Covers military toxin detection, nuclear isotope identification, biological agent detection, radiation detection, etc.
  • CBRN Nuclear and Biochemical Decontamination Equipment: Encompasses decontamination tents, decontamination equipment, biochemical decontamination agents, nuclear pollution decontamination agents, etc.
  • Communication Equipment: Features wireless communication systems.
  • Other Logistical Support Equipment: Provides additional support for various logistical needs.

These systems are crucial for safeguarding personnel in high-risk scenarios, offering a range of specialized equipment tailored to different aspects of CBRN emergencies.

Personal Care System

We are dedicated to delivering top-tier home rescue and first aid products to a hundred thousand families worldwide. Our comprehensive range addresses every facet of family health. With meticulous material selection and a thorough design process, our products ensure swift access to effective first aid and rescue during emergencies. Choose us for superior quality—let us be your family’s trusted health companion.

Field Hospital/Mobile Hospital

The mobile field hospital system is designed for urgent medical needs during major emergencies, boasting robust off-road capabilities and flexibility. It delivers outpatient diagnosis and treatment in remote areas, war zones, and regions facing emergencies. The system conducts health checks, provides health education, disseminates government medical policies, offers X-ray examinations, performs minimally invasive surgeries, conducts routine tests, and distributes pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

The mobile hospital system is a comprehensive healthcare solution. Supply vehicles within the mobile hospital address the scarcity of electricity and clean water in outdoor areas. The key advantage lies in the independent operation of each diagnostic area, tailored to the medical and health needs of remote areas. This ensures the overall operation of the mobile hospital remains highly flexible and straightforward.