Pneumeric Capnospot

The Pneumeric Capnospot Pneumothorax Decompression Indicator provides visual detection of carbon dioxide for needle thoracostomy.


  • Utlizes same CO2 color changing paper technology EMS providers are used to.
  • Visual indication of successful decompression
  • Easy to read results removes operator subjectivity
  • Lightweight, portable, real-time confirmatory color change
  • Compatible with existing decompression devices, catheters, and needles
  • More accurate than listening for a gush of air

Rapid and Accurate Visual Confirmation of Needle Thoracostomy Placement

Capnospot™ is a novel device for tension pneumothorax decompression. Using colorimetric capnography, the device assists in rapidly and accurately confirming needle thoracostomy placement. More accurate procedures allow for more saved lives.

Current guidelines recommend providers use auditory cues for a “gush of air” and to assess for improvements in vital signs and cardiorespiratory function. This method is often impossible in loud prehospital environments which may explain why needle thoracostomy failure rates are 10–50%. The FDA states that the Capnospot is “used for more accurate placement of pneumothorax decompression devices than the current standard of care auditory assessments.”

Detection and visual recognition of respired gases during decompression is a simple method for improving needle thoracostomy. The gaseous composition of the tension pneumothorax has an increased partial pressure of carbon dioxide when compared to the normal atmosphere, making colorimetric capnography an ideal confirmatory test.


Capnospot indicates visually if decompression was successful or not within seconds (<5 seconds), allowing immediate adjustment of the catheter. If the catheter loses patency, Capnospot will revert to its original color.


Capnospot provides objective confirmation of decompression by detecting CO2 from the pneumothorax and showing an obvious color change (blue to yellow).


Capnospot is compatible with all decompression devices and is easy to attach with a standard luer fitting. Capnospot is small, lightweight, and compact, and functions in low-light environments.