Advanced Hemostatic Combat Gauze

Advanced Hemostatic Combat Gauze

Material: Exclusive patented medical skimmed cotton gauze loaded with zeolite

SKU: HC-009

Sterilization: STERILE | R

Specification: 9x10cm-12 2pcs/pack, 9x10cm-12 1pcs/pack, 5x5cm-8 2pcs/pack

Shelf life: 3 years


RusunTacMed ® Advanced Combat Gauze is produced by in-situ nanotech. The main ingredient is medical skimmed cotton gauze loaded with nanozeolite. To compare with QuickClot combat gauze, we have extraordinary advantages. Mainly be used for massive bleeding control of the military, law enforcement, and pre-hospital first aiding.


Problems we solve:

√ Faster hemorrhage control starts from 12 seconds and stops gush-like bleeding within 60 seconds.

√ Zero heat release. Do not cause a second injury to the wound.

√ Halve the usage amount.

√ Easy and convenient to remove.