Chitosan Combat Gauze Advanced Version 7.5cm*1.5m Z-fold

It is suitable for rapid hemostasis of acute trauma hemorrhage, especially for hemostasis of moderate and severe hemorrhage and arterial hemorrhage, which can prevent harm to life caused by massive blood loss. Gauze type by non-woven dressing double-sided coated particle powder, the main component of chitosan, from Alaska snow crab processing of polymer.


1.Double coagulation mechanism, rapid hemostasis

Chitosan is the only polysaccharide molecule with a positive charge in nature. It quickly absorbs fluid, forms gel, and achieves physical coagulation with negative charge of humoral red blood cells

2.Effective analgesic

Block the continuous release of serotonin

3.Anti adhesion, easy debridement

To prevent debridement when the second tear, make new wounds

4.Inhibit bacterial growth

Positive charge bacteriostatic, wound closure,  to prevent the infection of outside bacteria

5.It doesn’t depend on the body’s own clotting machinery

Effectively clots heparinized blood, for patients with coagulopathy, our product advantages are outstanding.

6.Material safety

No heat release, no burning, no allergic. Purified from shrimp and crab shell, no allergic reaction, do desensitization experiment; The product is 100% natural, without any toxic side effects


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