Kaolin Hemostatic Gauze 7.5cm*3.7m Z-fold

Kaolin hemostatic gauze is composed of kaolin and non-woven fabric.Kaolin combat gauze is mainly used for emergency dressing of trauma bleeding, which can meet the needs of different wound conditions and different parts, and can also be used as an auxiliary fixation tool for fracture.

Production Information

Weight: 27g

Shelf Life: 3 years/5 years


Product size: 7.5cm*3.7m

Supply capacity: 10000 pcs / M

Material: kaolin and non-woven fabric

Disinfecting Type: irradiation sterilization

Product Features

  1. Mass per unit area: the mass per unit area of the product is not less than 30g/ m^2.
  2. Minimum breaking force: 40N per 50mm circumferential minimum breaking force.
  3. Sterility: the probability of survival of microorganisms. 1 * 0.000001.
  4. Storage: Store in a dry, well – ventilated warehouse.
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