Zeolite Hemostatic Combat Gauze 5cm*5cm-8ply 2piece/pcs

Achieve the integration of inorganic nano-zeolite and flexible cotton fiber without any binder. The world’s leading innovative medical product that enables rapid hemostasis of arterial bleeding.
It is used for hemostasis of various traumatic bleeding. It is widely applied in Surgery, Dressing Room, Perianal surgery, Burn Surgery, and other surgical hemostasis as well as daily wound care. battlefield first aid, emergency rescue, traffic accidents, and other scenarios.


Functional characteristics:


(1) High hemostatic efficiency: 100% total hemostatic efficiency.

(2) High stability: after 10 minutes of ultrasound, the loss rate of active ingredients of zeolite hemostatic gauze is much.
smaller than other hemostatic products.
(3) Exclusive production line: the first production line in the world.
(4) Excellent convenience: easy to store and carry.
(5) No adverse reactions.

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