Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze

  • Includes 1 or 2 pieces of sterile Z-fold blood clotting gauze that easily fits in any trauma kit. Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze is the world’s first innovative medical device by Zeo-Innov that can quickly achieve hemostasis in arteriovenous hemorrhage.
  • Nonallergenic first aid gauze accelerates natural blood clotting and stops bleeding within minutes.
  • The products can be widely used in battlefield first aid, emergency rescue, surgical hemostasis (not in the body), high-risk industry and traffic accident first aid, etc.
  • The technology has obtained international patents, including China, U.S. and Japan…

Comp.: Flexible mesoporous Zeolite-Gauze

Usage: Applied with manual pressure, promotes clotting within minutes of application

Spec.: 9cm*10cm-12, 5cm*5cm-8 (sheet)

Patent: PCT/CN2019/082931, PCT/CN2019/082930, US11154512B2, ZL201810625854.7, ZL201810625864.0

Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze have the effect of hemostasis and suction, which can be further enhanced with proper pressure or bandage. It consists of zeolite and gauze.

Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze is provided in a sterile dressing format that conforms readily to the wound.

It is available in four types, which are P (Sheet), J (Rolled), Z (Folded) and L (Cubed).

The difference between each type is the dressing shape. Each type is available in a range of different sizes.

*** Available in neutral packaging


  • High hemostatic efficiency: the total effective rate of hemostasis is 99% in 100 cases clinical trial.
  • High stability: After 10 minutes of ultrasound, the shedding rate of active ingredients in zeolite hemostatic gauze is much lower than other hemostatic products.
  • Exclusive production line: The world’s first hundred-ton production line
  • Excellent portability: Easy to store and carry
  • No adverse reactions

Efficient & Valuable

Hemostatic Gauze To Control Moderate-To-Severe Bleeding

  • Effective for massive bleeding control
  • No Burning, no adverse
  • Ensure the biological safety
  • No cytotoxicity; No delayed hypersensitivity; No intradermal stimulation, No acute systemic toxicity, No hemolysis, No pyrogen.





Clinical Trial Summary

Objective: Observation of the efficacy and safety of Zeolite Hemostatic Gauze in the treatment of open wound bleeding

Study methods: Parallel control of non blind, random and positive instruments

Sample size: 100 patients, randomly assigned to the test group or the control

Subjects: open trauma bleeding (deep myometrium), 18-70 years old

Conclusions: The effect of hemostasis is accurate and the safety is good.

  • Effectiveness: the total effective rate of hemostasis in 60s was 99%
  • Safety: No adverse event related to the study of the instruments.