Advanced Zeolite Hemostatic Granules 25g

This zeolite hemostatic granules is the disposable artery hemostatic product of granular molecular sieved into non-woven bags. This product can quickly stop the gushing artery bleeding within 30 seconds.

This product is packed with a special non-woven package, applicable for different depths, lengths and shapes of bleeding wounds, highly relevant to all kinds of trauma and sword penetrating injuries, self-rescue for individual police, individual soldiers and various industries, as well as others rescue, thereby it could save damages and death caused by trauma.


1. Fast & Effective
Promotes clotting within minutes of application
To stop moderate to heavy bleeding

2. Efficient & Valuable
Less expensive than protein-based products
Stop bleeding quickly

3. Intuitive
Familiar and easy-to-use format
Easy to store and carry
Conforms readily to the wound site

4. Nonallergenic
No shellfish, human, or animal proteins
Low-to-no risk of adverse reactions
Low heat release, will not cause burns

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