Emergency Bandages (Israeli Bandages) 4 Inch

Emergency Trauma 4″ Israeli Style Bandage – Combat Military Style Battle Wound Dressing First Aid IFAK Stop The Bleed.

1.4 inches wide and 65 inches long, 3-layer dressing pad, for hemorrhagic injury

2. Vacuum sterile sealed package, compact and portable.

3. This Bandage far exceeds the design of a general first aid bandage, integrated disinfection gauze, fast hemostatic bandage, pressure-integrated device, equivalent to a small emergency system. It is widely used by the military, first responders, EMS, law enforcement, commercial and industrial sites, and first aid kits.
4. Can be used on the head, legs, arms, torso, or anywhere else on the body.
5. You can even use this bandage as rings, splints, and a simple tourniquet in an emergency.
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