Thoracic puncture simulation training model

The thoracic puncture simulation training model, cardiac resuscitation first aid training human body teaching medical model dummy.Can perform closed drainage operation training for pneumothorax and hydrothoraces after chest trauma and post-operative care of drainage tubes. There are two windows on the right side of the chest to display the anatomy of each layer of the chest. The left thorax can be used for pneumothorax puncture decompression and hydrothoracic intubation and drainage exercises. The color, volume and viscosity of chest drainage fluid can be adjusted by yourself.


Material: Thermoplastic elastomer

Factory direct sales, high degree of imitation, good elasticity


1. Laryngeal mask
2. Laryngeal airway
3. Tracheotomy
4. Tracheal ventilation
4. Cricothyroidotomy

It meets the airway management functions of NPA, OPA, laryngeal mask, laryngeal airway, tracheal intubation, cricothyroid membrane puncture, cricothyroid membrane, and tracheostomy.


1.  1 set of advanced airway management simulator
2.  Oropharyngeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway, laryngeal mask, laryngeal airway, tracheal intubation and cricothyroidotomy puncture set 1 set
3.  5 simulated cricothyroid membranes
4.  3 sets of neck skin