Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Simulator (whole body) Cardiac Resuscitation First Aid Training Human Body Teaching Medical Model Dummy

Product name: Advanced systemic cardiopulmonary resuscitation simulator

Material: Thermoplastic elastomer

Factory direct sales, high degree of imitation, good elasticity


1. Airway open

2. Artificial respiration

3. Chest compressions

4. Check pupils

5. Assessment

6. Respiratory maintenance


1. A full-body model of advanced resuscitation;
2. Four sets of interchangeable pulmonary sac devices
3. One changeable pastry;
4. A resuscitation pad;
5. 2020 Operation Guide CD-ROM 1
6. Oral First Aid Manual 1
7. Power adapter;
8. One manual
9. Warranty card, certificate of qualification;
10. Barrier mask 1 box;
11. A roll of computer record paper;
12. Deluxe push-push hard plastic case

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